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Methods to Conserve Forest

Reforestation and Afforestation-
This concept explains how when timber is removed either by selective cutting or block cutting, the cut part of the tree must be reforested. Artificial or even natural methods may do it. Even when any forested land has been destroyed due to fire or by any mining activities should be reforested.

Proper Utilisation of Forest Product-
Usually, the forest is cut down for logs and rest of the tree’s parts such as the stumps, Branches, foliage, limbs are left out in the forest like worthless debris. Sawmill factories cause most forest waste. There are many ways you came to make use of the waste by developing these into products like a board, waterproof glues, etc. Similarly, these forests can be used or developed as tourist centers. By using them as tourist centers, the country can earn substantial foreign exchange. Many countries have adopted this practice, both developed and developing.

Always make sure Check over the Forest Clearance for Agricultural and Flabitation Purposes-
Most the of existing agricultural land was once forested and even cleared for agriculture. It has now has reached the stage where further clearance did will be very dangerous for the entire natural ecosystem. There are many tribals in parts of Asia, South America and Africa where they have shifting cultivation which still plays a huge role in their system of land procurement. According to a study, about 40 million sq km of land has been used for this purpose by more than 200 million tribal people in the world. For conserving the forests, these aspects must be monitored, and an alternative system must be suggested to them.


Learn to take control over Forest Fire-
Loss of forest through forest fire is very common, and it is caused because trees are exposed to the fire and once it starts it is complicated to control it. Sometimes these fires are caused by nature either by friction between two trees during winds or by lightning, while the most cases are caused by man either intentionally or unintentionally. According to a study, the during the period between the years 1940 to 1950 in the United States alone, fires have taken out about 21.5 million acres of timber yearly, and about 1,175,664 cases of forest fires have happened during the years 1955 to 1964.

Protection of Forest is a must-
The remaining forests in the area must be protected. Rather than the commercial cutting, or unorganized grazing which is one of the reasons for losing forests. There are many forests with forest disease caused by rusts, mistletoes, virus, parasitic fungi and even nematodes that destroy the trees. The forest must be protected by using various chemical spray, by the development of diseases that are resistant strains of trees.

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