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A few ways in how kids can save trees

We can protect trees and the forests in many ways and so can the kids. Kids can be taught how to save these trees and also make use of the papers in their houses. There many ways by which you can show your kids how to save trees. Here are some of the ways by which kids can help save trees:

Visit the forest now and then-
Our favorite way to pay respects to trees and the forests is to spend time with them for a few hours or so. Visit your local state or the national parks to which there are many protected forest lands.


Play and create with the leftover materials of paper you get-
Many kids like to play with cardboard boxes, paper towel rolls, empty toilet paper, and even shoeboxes. These boxes can be made into forts, superhero Headquarters, bird feeders, toilet paper can be used as a binocular. The paper towels can also be used as spotting scopes and periscopes.

Borrow, share and even donate books-
We read a lot of books and the books which translates into tons of books and therefore lots of paper is being used. The library is the best alternative solution to buying new books as your friends will be willing to exchange books. Instead of keeping the books your kids have outgrown, try to donate them to a bookstore, a library that takes used books, etc. By this way, you can make productively use these books and give them to the people via these stores rather than throwing it away. This way we also save a lot of paper as people need not buy new books and buy only from a used bookstore.

Always Use paper wisely-
We can save the trees from being taken out by consuming less paper. Ensure you make space for reusable paper. Create a space in your house for the paper which left blank on one side. Then you can use it again before you recycle it. Try using scrap paper for coloring, sketching or even drawing. You can use both the sides of a paper for things like homework. You can use it as cloth napkins. Purchase a tiffin box rather than using a paper bag, or even reusable containers, a cloth napkin, metal utensils, and a reusable water bottle.


Always Plant a tree-
Even though planting a tree is a common earth day activity, the fall is the bests season to plant shrubs and trees. Make sure you do your homework to pick the right tree for your space.

Stay on the marked trails-
When you visit the forest make sure you stay on the trail that is provided to you. This can minimize your interaction with any wildlife and also the areas that are preserved for future generations.

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